Rhema Word Of Life Fellowship Church was founded in 1993 as Rhema Pentecostal Church. Through the leading of the Lord, Rhema Pentecostal Church changed its name to Rhema Word Of Life Fellowship Church. As a multi-cultural, non-denominational ministry, Rhema has been led by Pastor/Founder Lynward Hunter Sr. and Co-Pastor Elder Dora Hunter.

Our Mission: To preach and teach the Word of God, to reach both sinner and saint alike, to bring Jesus Christ to a dying world, to equip saints for the work of the ministry, and to build up the body of Christ.

Our Vision: Rhema Word of Life Fellowship Church proclaims Jesus Christ as head of our church, and the revealed Word of God as our guide. Our goal is to teach the Word of God so it can be applied to our daily lives with simplicity and understanding. To reach souls from the North, South, East and West until we are a multitude of strong born again believers in Christ. Changing the lives of those we touch, by showing the Love of God. Creating generations of Believers in Christ Jesus that can never be destroyed.

Our Motto: A Place For Everyone

Our Pastors - Pastor Lynward Hunter Sr. Pastor / Founder

Pastor Lynward H. Hunter Sr. is the founder and Senior Pastor of Rhema Word of Life Fellowship Church, a non denominational multi-cultural church located in Voorhees, NJ. Pastor Hunter is committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people all over the world, creating generations of believers in Christ Jesus that can never be destroyed. He teaches from a rich and diversified background of more than 30 years in the ministry. This thriving and growing ministry has been servicing a body of believers from all walks of life. He attributes the success of his life and ministry to relying on the Word of God, being filled with the Holy Spirit and being led by the Spirit of God.

Pastor Hunter demonstrates to the masses how to utilize God’s Rhema–Spoken Word. This sound instruction builds a firm foundation for trust in God, resulting in an unshakable faith.

Our Pastors - Pastor Dora Hunter. Pastor / Senior Elder

Pastor Dora oversees multiple entities within Rhema’s Women’s Department, which includes Sisters of Phoebe, and Ladies Fellowship activities. Pastor Dora epitomizes the Proverbs 31 woman. She has been blessed with the anointing of teaching God’s Word with simplicity, clarity and understanding. By this, she teaches men, women and children how to receive God’s richest rewards and incredible blessings. Pastor Dora demonstrates to the masses how to utilize God’s Word and make it the foundation of their trust in God; resulting in unshakable faith.

What We Believe

-We believe that there is Only One True God.

-God is the head of the triune Godhead: God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.

-We believe that Jesus The Christ, The Anointed One And His Anointing, is the Son Of God.

-We believe that Jesus lived a sinless life to sacrifice himself as the spotless lamb for the complete and utter remission of our sins.

-We believe that the Holy Spirit teaches, imparts and produces spiritual guidance in the lives of the believers.


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